Paul Dickinson

Paul began his career in the film and television industry in 1968 as a freelance news cameraman in Melbourne, shooting stories for the commercial TV stations. He has also worked for ABC Productions on Bellbird and Power Without Glory, and on films including Ghost Rider, Lex and Rory, Spit McPhee, My Brother Tom (both filmed in Chiltern), Neil Lynne, Cash & Co and The Great McCarthy as well as commercials and documentaries too numerous to mention.

After moving to the North East in 1980, Paul worked as a magazine program and commercial productions cameraman for AMV4 (now Prime Albury).

Today Paul runs Chilternwood Multimedia Park, working with all aspects of film, tv and radio, as well as passing on his wealth of experience with a wide variety of workshops and training.



2009 F 25th Reich Revolution
2007 P That other place Sitcom pilot
2006 F Torn Instinct Entertainment
2005 F Ghost-rider Vengeance productions
2006 C Night of Nights Aranda Productions
1994 D Setting the scene Video Producers
1992 F Lex & Rory Sounds–Write Productions
1990 Ms Story of Spit McPhee  Revcom Productions
1984-1990 D Numerous Educational New Wine Studos
1984 F Niel Lynne Niel Lynne Prod/David Baker
1982 C/D Various AMV4 TV Albury
1980 S I Can Jump Puddles ABC Melbourne
1980 D Glass Babies PBL Productions
1980 TV Drama Patchwork Hero ABC Melbourne
1970 TV Drama End of Summer ABC Melbourne
1978 S Cop Shop Crawford Productions
1977 S No Room for the Innocent ABC Melbourne
1977 P Bush Bunch Aranda Productions
1976 D Trial of Ned Kelly ABC Melbourne
1976 S Skyways Crawfords
1976 S Cat’s Paw ABC Melbourne
1976 S Homicide Crawfords
1975 F Great Mc Carthy Aranda Productions
1975 D Melbourne Underground Filmpartnership
1974 S Power without Glory ABC Melbourne
1973 S Taste for Blue Ribbons ABC Melbourne
1973 D Raising the Melbourne ABC Melbourne
1973 Music series Kamahl show ABC Melbourne
1973 Music series Perryman on Parade ABC Melbourne
1972 D Temple in Ruins ABC Melbourne
1972 D Damned if I know ABC Melbourne
1972 Music series Matt Flinders Show ABC Melbourne
1972 D Coffee Royalle Kingsford Smith ABC Melbourne
1970 D Mabel Brookes ABC Melbourne
1970 D Sr Robert Helpman ABC Melbourne
1969-75 TV Series Bellbird ABC Melbourne
1968-69 TV Freelance News Stringer ATV0, HSV7, GTV9


Qualifications and Licences (abridged)

A Grade Electrician
Industrial Electronics
Lighting for Television (ABC Melbourne)
Workplace Trainer and Assessor
National Driver Licence (Car/Heavy Rigid/Heavy Articulated)
Forklift Licence
Elevated Work Platform Licence
Rigger (Intermediate)
Safe Working at Heights
Asset Safety Spotter
Explosives Safety
First Aid (level 2)

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