Chilternwood Multimedia park has accumulated a huge range of specialist equipment suitable for Television, Radio and Film work. Click the headings at the right to jump to each section.

Grips Equipment

Power Generation

Power Distribution

Lighting Equipment

Accessories and Expendables


Safety Gear


Grips Equipment
Grip trailer loaded to suit
Elemack Spyder Dolly including Track wheels
Studio wheels
Lattice arm crane
Straight track  10 ft
8 ft
6 ft
3 ft
Curved track  7 off 24 ft radius
Elemack accessories Bazooka
Crane weight support pipes
Low level Z arm  
Off-set arm
Pedestal platforms
Seat risers
Track hardware Basso blocks (sushis)
Shot bags
Apple boxes
Scaffold & EWP Rostrums 1200mm x 1200mm x 300mm/600mm/900mm 
Scaffold 1200mm x 1200mm x 1000mm and safety rope
Speed deck 1200mm x 1200mm x 150mm
Stage sections 1200mm x 2400mm x 420mm
Steps 2m single sided
Steps 2m Double sided
Extension Ladder
Cranvel lighting tower (on trailer)
Cougar Man lifter (on trailer)
Rigging Travel tower bucket mounting frame
Tri-truss 450mm x 450mm x 2.5m
Box towers with winch 450mm x 450mm x 5m
Chain block 1 ton 6m drop  
Chain block 1 ton 3m drop
Chain block 2 ton 3m drop
D shackles
Drag chain
Slings soft
Slings flat
Scaffold pipes
Scaffold clamps
Speed-rail fittings
Bungee straps
Ratchet straps
Other accessories Car camera mounting kit
Car lighting mounting kit
Car cleaning kit
Car wheel dollies
Tracking truck crane mount
Trolley Jack
Tool kit
Stanley knife
Staple gun
Assorted tapes 
Scrim frame 200mm x 2m
Green screen & Frame 5m x 2m
Portable generator 2Kw petrol
Wind Machine with variable speed fan
Rain maker pipes
Hoses & fittings
Hand/bag trolleys
Safety gear Barrier tape/bunting
First aid kit
Fire extinguisher
Safety harness
Safety belts
Stop sign/lollipops
Power Generation
Mobile generator truck ISUZU model ELP forward control Pantech truck
Length 7.6m Width 2.4m Height 3.5m.
(Allow 3m at rear of truck for ramp)
Fitted with: 
Cummins 70kVA 3 phase diesel generator
Silenced to professional film and television standards
Comes with 150m of 3 Phase rubber mains cable and distribution switchboard  
2 x Clipsal 530 outlets 415v  
6 x 20 amp 240 volt outlets
Portable 2000w petrol generator (4 stroke petrol)
Portable 800w petrol generator (2 stroke petrol)
Power Distribution
3 phase 45 amp cables
3 phase 32 amp cables
3 phase 20 amp cables
1 phase 20 amp cables
1 phase 15 amp extension leads
1 phase 10 amp extension leads
3 phase distribution boards
1 phase distribution boards
4- and 6-pack plug packs
RCD adaptor leads
Lighting Equipment
Bashers Maxi-brute 6 light par64 6000w
Maxi-brute 2 light par64 2000w
Mini-brute 6 light par36 3900w
Mini-brute 2 light par36 1300w
Mini-single 1 light par36 650w
Industrial floods QI 1000 1000w
Industrial floods QI 500 500w
Industrial floods metal halide 400w
Fresnels Strand HMI 4000w
Strand Sirius HMI 2500w
5K Ianaro 5000w
2K Mole Richardson 2000w
1K Mole Richardson (pup) 1000w
2K Strand 2000w
1K Strand 1000w
Strand pat 123 650w
Strand pat 23 650w
Minuette 650w
Quartz Halogen Blondie (Ianaro and De-Sisti) 2000w
Red-head (Ianaro and Arri) 800w
Broad 800 800w
Broad 1000 1000w
Double Broad 1000/2000w
Softlights Antaries 2500/5000w
Large Softbox 3200w
Medium Softbox 1600w
Small Softbox 800w
CYC Lights Single Floor 800w
Single Gridmount 500/800w
Battery Lights Single head par36 100w 12v
Single par20 50w 12v
Fluoro 4 x 20w Fill light 80w
Accessories Barn doors, colour frames, gells, scrims, wires, assorted cutters, dots, gaffer foil
Reflectors 900mm x 900mm double sided
3ft round, soft, double sided
Stands Heavy duty windups Manfrotto
Heavy duty pushups MR5000
Medium push ups
Short push ups
Studio wheeled push ups
Mountain stands (for reflectors)
Barton 'Tall boy' wheeled stand
Lightweight aluminum stands
Mounting Hardware Car bonnet kit
Set Brackets (Double socket) 1i/8-5/8
Set plates straight
Set plates r/angle
Twin arm bracket
Offset arm bracket
Lighting grid clamps
Spring clamps
Pole cats
Scaffold clamps
Wall sled
Wall spreaders
Electrical 3 Phase distribution switchboards 32A x 1 and 20A x 1
1 Phase distribution switchboards 16A x 6 with RCD.
Plug Packs 4 outlet
3 phase 30 amp cables
3 phase 20 amp cables
1 phase 20 amp leads
1 phase 15 amp leads
1 phase 10 amp leads
Dimmers 240v 2kw
Dimmers Strand Multi-channel Racks
Cable Protector ramps
Assorted spare and special lamps
Gells CTBlues
Fluoro and effects colours
Shuttlecock VHF belt and headsets
Motorola UHF 16 Channel 2 way radio
Accessories and Expendables
Gaffer tape
Masking tape
Double sided tape
Glad wrap
Black wrap foil
Black plastic
Safety Gear
Safety harness and lanyard
Safety belt and climbers
High visibility vests
First aid kit
Fire extinguishers
Hard hats
Witches hats